Ready made panels, easily assembled in minutes, Portable Dance Floors
no specific tools needed, wooden, durable with strong aluminium edging.

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Portable Dance Floors - Locking Panel System.

Portable dance floors can be literally assembled in minutes, and are an incredibly easy, time and labour saving way to set up a dance floor virtually anywhere. These dancefloors are made up of ready made panels which come in two different sizes, 86.5cm x 86.5cm and 86.5cm x 43.25cm (the half panel size).

Portable Dance Floors
A 12 ft x 12ft dance floor is likely to take each person less than 10 minutes to assemble. These dance floors are the preferred kind for major hotel groups around the world, and allow complete flexibility in how spaces are used. Their ease and speed off assembly, and the lack of need for specialized tools (because they simply slot together), means that they are also easy to assemble and remove as required.
portable dance floor panels
It's difficult to believe once these floors are assembled that the panels are simply slotted together. They require no specific tools or screws, which means a lot less time and effort is need for these dance floors than for other competing products.
When the panels are pushed together, they form a solid, supportive brick pattern that won't come apart while the floor is in use. The panels are further locked in position and the outside edges of the floor made safer and stronger by aluminium edging which also locks together to add the finishing touch, ensuring that the whole structure is not just highly convenient, flexible, attractive, but also very robust dance floor.
dance floor aluminium edging


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